Easy-Grip Flooring – One of The Fastest Systems on The Market!

Easy-Grip flooring is set to change your working day. When it comes to laying floors, until now, it’s always been a large, demanding task. But thanks to amazing new developments, there’s a new system that’s so easy, the workday is set to be transformed!  The system is Contesse EasyGrip flooring – one of the fastest installations on the market.

The Look

Of course, before anyone considers laying a floor, they have to like the look. And that’s where the points start racking up. Available in stone or wood effect, it’s almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye, whether it is or isn’t the ‘real thing’. The wood even has ‘knots’ in it that you can feel!

The Product

Each ‘plank’ is composed of a hardwood upper layer, and a vinyl under layer. The two layers are off-set, leaving a 1” adhesive edge along two sides of the plank. This is called the ‘grip strip’ – literally the bit that adheres to the next plank, locking it in to place and forming a water-resistant barrier between them in the process.


Here’s the great news – there is none. Contesse EasyGrip flooring will sit directly over most existing floors (including sound ceramic tiles/terrazzo) with minimum or often, no need, to screed!

Where To Use

Absolutely anywhere. From living areas to basements, gyms and even traditionally wet areas like a bathroom (not recommended for a wet room for obvious purposes).

Other Advantages

  • Repairs are simple. Just lift the plank and re-site!
  • Wet trades diminished – usually same day installation – traditional materials can take up to 3-4 days to install due to preparation and drying times.
  • no adhesive or screed odours – ideal for occupied buildings such as shops – no need to decant staff/customers
  • 100% recyclable

And there’s even a video you can watch if you need more information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axan-j95mek