Easy Lock Click Flooring by Contesse
Your New Floor – The Same Day!

Click flooring took another step forward when Contesse introduced the EasyLock system – surely the easiest UNIFIT system on the market.

And when we say easiest, we’re referring not only to the fitting, but the maintenance. Quite simply, it’s a joy to fit, and requires no after-care because it’s 100% waterproof! It’s amazing to look at, and available in a variety of looks and colours – what could be easier than that?

Gone are the days of swollen, ill-fitting click floors. The EasyLock system allows flexibility of use – it’s suitable for any room including bathrooms, shower rooms and laundries.  You just don’t need to worry if it comes into contact with water. And of course, this makes it easier to keep clean too.

It’s available in a variety of wood or stone ‘looks’, and in standard and wide fitting too.

Fitting Couldn’t Be Easier

  • Just put the first plank in place.
  • Align the second plank at a slight angle, and then ‘click’ against the first plank. They are now ‘sealed’ together. (You do have the option to remove them should you want to).
  • Continue in this manner, covering the whole floor.
  • If you need to cut a plank to shape, just measure the area, score the plank on the underside and then bend. It will break off cleanly to the required dimensions.

It’s flexible, easy to work with and requires no adhesive.  Best of all – it can be laid directly on to your existing floor, whether that’s vinyl, concrete, tiles or  hardwood!

We’ve noticed a huge uptake for this product in the past few months, as it’s perfect for both domestic and commercial interiors. Just get in touch for a no-obligation chat if you’d like to know more.