Greenfoil Underlay

Greenfoil Underlay

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Priced Per Roll (15m)

Total thickness 1.5 mm
Size: 15m Roll

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Sound reducing underlays for lvt-flooring with an integrated water vapour control layer.

Thickness of Underlay1.5m
Reflected walking sound<20Sone
Impact sound improvement ISO 140/71719DB.8
Compressive Strength
| *Tested at 0.2mm compression under 100 PA Pre-load>200KPA
| *Tested at 0.2mm compression under 100 PA Pre-load>450KPA
Compressive creep under long term static load40KPA
Dynamic Load>1 MIO
Punctual Conformability0.7mm
Resistance to impact by large diameter ballN.P.D.
Thermal Resistance0.027m2 k/w
Water Absorption, 1 Vol%
Reaction to FireE fl