EasyGrip reduces floor preparation and installation costs compared to conventional LVT by a substantial ratio, while also reducing installation time. Durable and water resistant, EasyGrip can be used in most commercial and residential areas including bathrooms and kitchens. With our patented Grip-Strip technology, just lay the EasyGrip planks down and secure the overlapping Grips-Strips together.

  • 305 x 914 mm or 457 x 457 mm or 304 x 609mm

  • Available in 3.80mm & 4.50mm thickness

  • 0.30mm & 0.55mm wear layers

  • Light commercial & heavy commercial use

  • PU ceramic bead for durability

  • Natural, true wood & leather emboss

  • 8db & 11 db sound reduction

  • R10 slip resistance